Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stormy night

(disclaimer: my story about last night's storm is not as brilliant as Noemi's, but reading her piece inspired me to write this down so I have it to look back upon another time)

I was on the phone bullshitting with Jay (we were talking about the date he just had with a new girl) when the thunder, lightening, then rain started. I went upstairs to close the windows. My phone, his phone, who knows, started making an annoying noise, so we hung up and I went back to my packing frenzie. I didn't bother to look outside again.

Scott called me just before 10:00, checking to see if I was ok. I replied, of course I am ok, and gave an amused laugh that said, why wouldn't I be ok? it's only a little rain!

Today at dinner, Scott said he had a dream last night that it was raining and he didn't like that Miranda and I were by ourselves, so he hitched up a sailboat to his dream truck and drove to my house. He picked us up and the water was so high that the truck got stuck, so we climbed out the back and sailed off to his parents' place to pick up the rest of the family. They were sitting on the roof because the water was so high! As we sailed past a motorboat, his brother-in-law waved and said, haha suckers!

(his version was much better, and more entertaining than my second-handed attempt)

It's endearing to find out he was worried about me all night, while I was totally oblivious to the severity of it all.

ps - I dreamt about us shopping!!

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