Sunday, July 08, 2007

When Life Gives You Lemons

I was holding the arm he extended to me for appearances, and not because I was forgiving him.

This is not the party that I had planned to be at this Saturday afternoon, I thought, as I walked in to the restaurant, silent and brushing away the tears of frustration and disappointment. I had two options. 1. I could remain upset with him, or 2. I could forgive him and enjoy my "lemonade" (or at least my frozen margarita).

Scottie and Breanna sharing her ice cream desert, and melting my heartI was strongly leaning towards option 1, until a sweet little blonde girl hopped into my lap, excited to show me the Littlest Pet Shop toys that were stashed in her purse.

She laughed with delight as I piled the bunny, monkey and seahorse (seahorse was my favourite) in the wagon, and pushed them around the table. She laughed and laughed and laughed when I made the animals cry out stop! stop! come back! wait for me! as they fell out of the wagon. Then I made a tent for them out of a cloth napin and two table advertisment stands, and for that moment I was the coolest person in her world. Her laughter melted my heart, and I was genuinely enjoying the fact that she was having as much fun with me as I was with her.

Scottie and Breanna sharing her ice cream desertIt was then that I realised if it had not been for the change in plans, I would have missed out on those special moments with her. So I pressed my cheek against her baby-soft hair, gave her a little squeeze, and looked at her brother, who was smiling at me.

No, it was not where I had planned to be, but aparently it was where Life wanted me to be.

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